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Yedelin is a female Yadderevo who was born and raised on planet Dazbog.


Yedelin would be an average Midorian if it wasn't from her strange facination with the planet earth. You could say she is an earth fan of sort. Several years ago she visited earth in search of a meal and found an interesting device the humans call television. Since then she has been addicted to the strange human device. She delight in the earthling's drama, comedy and action packed blockbuster.

Among her favorite shows are: Sailor moon, The real Ghostbusters, and the Transformers.

She often visit earth for extended periods of time, which she call Earthling business Using a morhping device she lives among human, making friends and engaging a mystic human ritual, a movie night.

Often during the night, she take back her Yadderevo form and hunt for some juicy human meal.

She has a easy going and very positive personality. She also enjoy some of the human's food as well, even if the best meal around is usualy a human.

When she's not hiding among human, she usualy wear a tight white and pink space suite.

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