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Raen is an energetic young Yadderevo female.

Back story

Gloom and doom may fall over the dark rocks. But to Raen its all soft an cuddly! A brooding vulcher pecked at its victem innocently within the rain. It's blood filled mouth squarked like a warning siren as a strange creature skipped towards the ravenous bird. It's beady eye's searched the strange creature briefly, befor dragging its prey into the cold rock pile.

"Yay!" Raen yelled, spinning her oddly pointed foot on the ground. Her spiky green hair swept the air with grace as she finished her turn. A smile lit up the green goddess's face as she saw the world in a differant light. Darkness became light and light became pink. To her, the world was joy.

The dark dusty sand moved away in fear as she radiated her joy. Her odd foot slammed into the ground with each step as her red eyes glinted with untolled knowlage.

Her planet? Plantar. Odd name? Yes... I belive she made it up... but thats all she say's about that question... "I'm from uranus! Hehe... ur... anus..." Raen spoke. But... ah forget it...

Ok... how old are you? "200! No... 1000!" Raen yelled. Great... she's 100...

Gender is female...

Do you like vore? "What's vore?" Uh... eating things... "Yeah! Cookies!" I...

Raen swallowes a mouse.

Vore it is "Mmmm... cookies..."

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