Transnistria National Flag(proposal)

Current proposal (not mine).

Proposed flag of Pridnestrovie

My proposal.

Proposed flag of Pridnestrovie - variant

My proposal (variant).

This is my personal proposal for a national flag of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR). I personally support the independence of this tiny republic. However, the proposed national flag looks too much like the flag of Russia. Though the overall reasoning for the Pridnestrovians choosing this design is noble, I do think there should be some sort of originality.

For several years, I have proposed a new version of the Russian flag to replace the imperial design. However, most native Russians who observed my proposal would either criticize me or mention how scary the idea of the flag was. Because of this, I have only been promoting my design behind the closet. In April 2010, I was thinking about possible designs for a new PMR flag, and I though of a great idea. The PMR continues to display Soviet symbolism, and are pro-Russian. Why not recycle my proposed flag for Russia into a proposed national flag of Pridnestrovie.

This flag contains the Pan-Slavic colors (white, blue, and red), but placed in a vertical (pale) design as opposed to the most common horizontal (fess) design. This can be contributed to the narrow shape of the PMR, and the fact that it goes north to south in its narrowness. Similar to the design and positioning of colors on the Russian flag, my proposed flag would be a tricolor of red, blue, and white. In the red band of the flag, the hammer and sickle and red star are placed in the canton of the flag (much like the flag of the Soviet Union). Because the current flag of the PMR continues to use the Soviet symbols, I believe they should still be on the flag. However, I left it open for these symbols to be removed, and a variant has been posted which only shows the tricolor.

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