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The largest planet in the system is Perun. Much larger and more massive than Jupiter, Perun contains much more activity and produces much more radiation than Jupiter. Because of its far distance from the suns, its atmosphere is comprised primarily of of green methane (almost like Uranus) and white clouds (almost like Neptune). Though the planet has a ring system, it is not a spectacular as Saturn's, but larger than Jupiter's.

Because of its mass, the planet contains a whopping 75 moons orbiting the planet. But only eight of them are massive enough to be round. The largest of these moons is almost as large as Mars. Perkunas is very similar to Titan, containing methane oceans and a thick atmosphere. Some marine life has been found on this moon. Some of these moons are active, while the others are inactive and dead. The smallest of these moons is about the size of Ceres, and just as inactive as it is, but contains a thin atmosphere.

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