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Oscar Loveene is a hermaphrodite Yadderevo who was raised on the colonial planet of Singar 4.


Oscar always felt very different. He remembers being found in a peaceful forest a long time ago, but besides that he was raised pretty well. His childhood wasn't always easy being the way he was. His stumpy feet cut short any kind of athletic activity as a child, as he couldn't keep up with everyone else. Not only that, but he stuck out from all the other kids by being dark as night with bright stripes everywhere on his body.

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Another thing that made him stick out from all the other kids other than the leaves that served as hair or those pods on his back, or the fact that his hands are giant venus flytraps. He could never hold anyone without feeling the powerful urge to devour them. His body wanted to fest on their flesh and it was hard to resist. A few times he gave in... wasn't pretty but at least those he ate weren't missed (hopefully).

Hobby wise, Oscar liked (I like the outdoors a lot. Hiking, fishing, swimming, they all feel great to him. Nothing feels better then reading outside on a sunny day with a big glass of ice water just wish those pods on my back would quit opening up. They keep scaring people and it's really depressing when it does so. Oscar really doesn't have any friends and people avoid him almost all the time preferring to stare, take pictures or poke him or well whatever they want just to see his reaction. It's even worse having both male and female at the same time (it just sucks being both). Oscar hopes he can meet another one of his kind soon, if there are any out there.

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