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NuclearVacuum Wiki, shortened and better known as NukeVac Wiki is a Wikia website created and administrated by Devon Moore. This site combines Devon's love of cartooning, astronomy, science fiction, geopolitics, and a plethora of others. Though this site is primarily for Devon's work, NukeVac Wiki is for everybody to work on and create their own pages and so on.


The origins of a Wikipedia-like homepage comes from tragic origins. All of Devon's work has been divided up into several sites and usernames. Originally created to loose his dependency on Wikipedia after being banned and having his personal work deleted. It would not be until blocked from DevianArt for a stupid reason that Devon's decided to make a new homepage, free of rules (virtually).

"As I mentioned before, I created this site as a way to loose my dependency on Wikipedia. After being suspended from the site for writing my own say in the articles, I finally moved from writing in the articles and writing on my own userpage. I assumed that writing safe material on my own page would not get me into trouble, but apparently I was wrong. One of the admins erased all my hard work (without warning) and left me naked. Finally, I was given my data back and after weeks of research, I moved them to this Wiki-site. Now I keep my own thoughts on this site, and Wikipedia related ones on my userpage.

Though I now had my own website, I never considered it to be my homepage for all my work. I perfected DeviantArt for my artistic work. However, this would change again when DA suspended me for linking external (vore and risqué) sites. After getting myself unsuspected, I realized I was not truly safe anywhere. After careful though, I decided to have multiple websites. All of which hub from this one (my new master homepage).

I have moved my site from a Wiki-site page into a Wikia page in August 2009. The purpose for this transition is simple, wiki-site sucks. Wikia gives me more freedom in appearance and abilities, while Wiki-site was lowtech."
—Devon Moore

Policies and guidelines

Main: Policies and guidelines

NukeVac Wiki is a site that can be edited by anybody and everybody can create or expand on. Just follow the limited rules and you will be just fine.

External additions

If you are interested in working on this site, just feel free to create an account. It is also requested that you read about our Policies and guidelines in order to work successfully here. Yes, I am opening the site to anybody. Not just for my friends, but for those who had the same Wikipedia problems as me. Remember, "Your ideas are not stupid. Wikipedia is the stupid one!"

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