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Astrological characteristics
Galaxy Milky Way
System Iota Horologii
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 25 days
Eccentricity 0.029
Inclination 2.9°
Physical characteristics
Mass 0.097
Radius 3279.25 km
Rotation period 25 days
Gravity 0.768 g
Albedo 0.7

Lenin (Yadderevic: NUKIDERVONUKEUNLUVK LENAiN) is the second largest moon of Cronus and the primary body for the Iota Horologii system. Though the moon has no intelligent life, the most noticeable species on the planet are the Leninite Orca. The largest colony on the moon is located near the Rio Oxido.


Lenin is claimed both by the Union of Democratic Planets and the Commonwealth of Planets. In recent years, there has been a calm in the region with full cooperation between the two regional powers.

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