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The innermost planet in the system is planet Kalvelis. The planet is much hotter than Mercury, as well as being more active. This activity comes from tidal flexing from the two suns, which makes the surface covered with volcanic oceans. Because of this activity, there are no visible craters on the surface (because the surface is being renewed contently). The areas not covered with lava would be be almost like rock hard deserts. Because of this, the planet is classified as an "Apollonian Type" planet on the PCL.

Because the planet orbits so close to the barycenter of the two stars, both suns would be separated enough that on the Kalvelian surface, one sun will rise as another sets on the opposite horizon. Because of the extreme heat and activity, the atmosphere is thick and contains many gases and metals, causing the sky to look almost pure blue in color (not a light blue like on Earth). Since the planet is gravitationally bound to both stars, the rotation of the planet will not be fixed to one star, yet tidally morphed by the two suns, causing the day to be almost longer than a year on the planet (almost like Mercury). No moons have formed around the planet.

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