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Irryana is a pure warrior Yadderevo. She has always had a lust for battle even since she was a young sapling. Because she is a plant species, she is able to adapt and evolve her body over shorter periods of time, and in her 346 years of life, she has transformed her body into a weapon, hoping to become the perfect weapon. Although many Yadderevo have evolved into the scientists they are today, Irryana believes in the "strength of old and wisdom of new", believing the more primitive way of life allows her to be stronger while the newer ways allow her to make better decisions. She in no way holds anything towards her more techno-savvy brethren, and will do anything to protect them.

Combat abilities: First their is her leaf armor. She controls the very size of it depending on the situation. If she makes the leaves small she moves faster. She can also make them grow to create a large shield. Every part of her armor and clothing is actually part of her body. While most Yadderevo use their Venus Flytrap like hands today, she continues to use them as her source of consumption. This is due to the fact that the pods on her back have been morphed into vine launchers. These vines reach out and can inject victims with different chemicals and poisons, developed by Irryana over time. These can have different effects depending on the poison, from lethal poison, to painful swelling or even petrifying. The poison comes from the petals on the pods. This of course means that she cannot reproduce, as the pods were her only source of sexual actions. She does not get trouble by this as she made a decision long ago, that she wanted to be the perfect weapon, but should the perfect weapon be too strong, she wouldn't want to somehow replicate. She may be a warrior, but she also tries to be as wise as she can. Her diet consists of anything she deems edible, and if something to too big to fit in her hands, she can inject it with a poison to shrink it. She will often eat those who challenge her to battle, believing them to make her stronger. Hence why she's always looking for stronger opponents.

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