• Unakite
    • A fusion of "Epidote" and "Jasper" (not related to the canon character).
    • Yellowish-Orange in color, with greenish clothing.
    • Would have four arms.
    • Very large, yet not a giant (somewhere between Opal and Suglite in size).
    • Would definitely be a pred character in many ways, though not too sure if she could digest prey.
      • More interested in her being a "playful pred," eating for fun with no real fatality.
    • One of the two would have a gem on their left upper arm (kinda like an arm patch). This gem would be an equal diamond with some form of cut.
    • Mythologies: unakite, epidote, and jasper
  • Turquoise
    • A simple, Pearl-like gem (especially in size).
    • Bluish-green in color.
    • Possibly a common prey for Unakite.
    • Mythologies: turquoise
  • Glass
    • Meant to be a joke. This gem would simply be artificial glass.
    • This character would also be... challenged.
  • Trinitite
    • An alternative to glass, this gem would have similar origins, just with a nuclear bomb.
    • This gem would be a smooth triangle located on the chest (the heart, the core).
    • The color shall be a greenish-grey.

List of gemstone species

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