Galmaq bust
Full Name Galmaq, daughter of Vagh
Gender Female
Birthday 2160s
Birthplace Qo'noS
Species Klingon
Hair Color Olive
Skin Color Dark
Eye Color Green
Height 1.7 m
Weight 80 kg
Bust Size E
Sexuality Heterosexual
Occupation Chief Medical Officer (Buran)
Relatives Kolos (Grandfather)

Dr. Galmaq, daughter of Vagh, is a Klingon female who is currently serving on the Buran as the chief medical officer.



Galmaq was born in 2164 on the Klingon homeworld of Kronos. Both of her parents were unable to raise her, as her father died in battle, while her mother left. Because of which, Galmaq was greatly raised by her grandfather Kolos. Unlike other Klingons at the time, Kolos believed that the Klingon people were loosing their honors and civilization, and moving towards a warrior people. Both of Galmaq's parents dies as part of this, and taught his granddaughter that there was more to life than honor and pride. At an early age, Galmaq showed a great interest in chemistry, biology, and medicine. During her final years on Kronos, Galmaq came across a little Tribble that was being sold as food. Most Tribbles feel uncomfortable around Klingons, but for some strange reason, it seemed to like Galmaq. So much so that Galmaq couldn't allow it to be killed. She bought the little Tribble, and has since named it veQ.

Galmaq and T'Vik

Galmaq and T'Vik.

Despite the good will of Galmaq, it was not enough to change the Empire. In her early teens, Galmaq and her Grandfather left the Empire and moved to the Federation. Because of her new surroundings, Galmaq studded to be a doctor and eventually signed up for Starfleet. By the late 2180s, Galmaq was assigned to be the chief medical officer on the Starship Buran. During this time, she has made a close relationship with fellow crew member T'Vik and captain Verjix.

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