During my senior year of high school, our class had to do a full project in order to graduate. I chose to do my project on the "Russian language and how it is affected by 21st century technologies." I got a 97 out of 100 (A+). During my project, I was keeping my attention on the rumors going around about Vladimir Putin's (former president of the Russian Federation) upcoming trip to visit Alexander Lukashenko (current president of the Wikipedia:Republic of Belarus). It was announced that the visit was strictly for the Union State of Russia and Belarus and its future cooperation between the two states.

The rumor (as I read it) was that Putin and Lukashenko meeting to discuss the possibilities of Russia and Belarus uniting together into a single state. This would void the current constitutions of the two nations, and writing a new one (which could allow Putin to run for many more terms of office as President). When I first heard about this, I was quite intrigued. Both Russia and Belarus are Slavic nations, both with the Russian language as an official language, both former republics of the former Soviet Union (among being one of the four founders of the USSR), and currently both nations are moving back to some old Soviet ways.

During this time, I continually thought about what this could become and what it means to the world.

Union State of Russia

File:Flag of the Union of Soviet Republics.svg

The Union State of Russia (Russian: Союзное Государство России Soyuznoye Gosudarstvo Rossii), also abbreviated as USR (СГР SGR), is my proposed

Federal Union of Russia

Proposed flag of Russia (state)

The Federal Union of Russia (Федеральный Союз России Federal'ny Soyuz Rossii), also abbreviated as FUR (ФСР FSR).

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