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The egosphere (Yadderevic: IGRAN) is a device which creates and artificial atmosphere around the wearer. The atmosphere encircles the wearer to their shape, stretching micrometers above the epidermal layer.

The predecessor of the egosphere was invented by the Porodakrots to be used underground for studies. After centuries of evolution, the egosphere is now used by all species in the Union of Democratic Planets and other governments in the region.


The usage of the egosphere is crucial for the existence of the Union of Democratic Planets or any government. This is because every planet has a different atmospheric conditions, that most species can live on their own planet, or may have a very hard time trying to live on a planet with little differences. Though spacesuits have been used, but several species (including the Yadderevoes) require all their senses in order to function. It is crucial for a spacesuit to allow the openness of not wearing one, yet the protection of their home planet.

The second important issue is atmospheric pressures. Two planets may have roughly the same atmospheric characteristics, but two different pressures. The egosphere can sustain the needed pressure for the wearer.

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