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Devon Moore (born December 26, 1989), also known as D. J. Moore in early work, is an American nerd who is best known for his vore and extrasolar planet art. Moore currently lives in Florida working at a McDonald's.

Early life

Born Devon Joseph Moore on December 26, 1989 (the day after Christmas), he was raised in Holbrook, New York with a his mother Lisa (who worked as a secretary) and father Joe, Jr. (who is a truck mechanic). Moore grew up with his brother Joe, III (1991) and sister Holland (1993) in a large duplex house. Moore spent a good portion of his childhood watching television and playing in the half-acre of backyard. In late 2000 to early 2001, Moore's parents began to split up, and in November 2001, Moore moved with his mother, brother, and sister to Florida. From 2002 to 2005, the Moores lived in Holiday, and now lives in New Port Richey with his mother, brother, sister, and grandmother. Moore was in the graduating class of 2008 at J. W. Mitchell High School.

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Devon Moore was diagnosed with Autism around the age of five. Moore had dyslexia until he was 13 years old, and continues to struggle in math. Moore is diagnosed with mild Autism, and suffers from OCD. His most obsessive habit is dermatophagia, meaning he bites his finger nails and the skin around it (often till bleeding).


Devon Moore is a cartoonist and general artist.


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Devon Moore loves astronomy an has a vivid memory of the subject. Beginning in late 2002, Moore was solely interested in learning about [former] planet Pluto for a story idea. It after reading the limited information on the planet, he began to fascinate on the fact that Mars has two moons. Within 2003, he began to study all the planets and moons of the solar system, in late 2003 he began move out of the solar system and into interstellar and intergalactic space. Around this time, Moore came across extrasolar planets. Moore began to spend most of his astronomical time studying exoplanets and currently a poster at Extrasolar Visions II.

Currently, Moore works in the exoplanetary field of astronomy and commonly works with the program Celestia.


Devon Moore is very interested in politics. He considers himself a social democrat/democratic socialist with several conservative thoughts. He is currently a member of the Democratic Party of the United States, but is currently considering becoming an Independent in the US.

Moore no longer support the war in Iraq and any possible war with Iran. He both fears and admires Iran and North Korea for their takes on the world today. Though he doesn't support Iran gaining nuclear weapons, he more or less wishes for some type of peaceful solution in the topic (even if it includes Iran having weapons).

Federated States of Antarctica

Flag of the Federated States

Federated States of Antarctica (designed by Devon).

Devon Moore applied for citizenship for the Federated States of Antarctica in August 12009. Being one of the first citizens of the young micronation, Moore was appointed as Provisional Governor of the State of East Antarctica. In honor of his new duties, Moore has appointed the formation of a new city in the state, dubbed Oazisgrad (named after the Oasis station in Bunger Hills). Moore has unofficially labeled himself the "Governator" of East Antarctica (considering that East Antarctica could become the California of Antarctica).

Moore shows interest in becoming the President of the Federated States of Antarctica in the future. Since Moore is not old enough to take the office after incumbent David Powell finishes his second term, Moore announces he plans on running for President starting in 12021.


Devon Moore is a self described Russophilic, meaning he has an unusual love for everything and anything Russian. This includes a love of the Russian culture, ideals, philosophy, language, and thinking.

I do not really known how I got into Russia. I think it all started when I was learning about space. One of the questions I asked was "what is the difference between astronaut and cosmonaut?" I've heard of both terms before, but never understood it. I soon found out that an astronaut was anyone flown into space by the USA, and a cosmonaut was anybody flown into space by the Russia. Than another question came over me, why do the cosmonauts have "CCCP" written on their helmets? Was this the Russian NASA? After reading about it, I found out this was actually the Russian alphabet's acronym for the Soviet Union. Well what is the Soviet Union? I've heard about it before, but know very little about it. Well I learned it was a country that existed during the Cold War, and comprised of Russia and the surrounding nations into a socialist state. Well either way, answering questions is how I began to love Russia.

Devon is currently intermediate in the Russian language, understanding the grammar and Cyrillic alphabet.


Devon loves music and has several favorite bands and songs. His current favorite bands are Devo and "Weird Al" Yankovic.

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