All commissions include the vector code file and a PNG file for your distribution. Since all my work is based on real maps and information released into the public domain, all my maps will not have a watermark or signature within the image itself, but mentioning of me will be in the SVG code.

Locator map: $1

Wood turtle distribution

A locator map showing the distribution of wood turtles.

A locator map shows and highlights a specific area within another, helping to distinguish an area. Whether it be to distinguish Florida from the other 49 States, or to show the distribution of Wood Turtles across North America, locator maps really help out.

My current rate for locator maps is one dollar per map.

Orthographic map: $2

Chile-CWo (orthographic projection)

An orthographic map of Chile from the Central World timeline.

An orthographic map is basically a locator map, but with the curvature of the entire globe. This has become very popular on Wikipedia in recent years.

My current rate for an orthographic map is two dollars per map.

Comparison map: $3


A comparison map of the former SFRY in the New Union timeline.

A comparison map shows the differences between a region based over time.

My current rate for a comparison map is three dollars.

Atlas: $10


An atlas of an alternative Colombia in the Bolivar's Dream timeline.

An atlas is a map which shows in detail the look of a region. My atlases include borders, cities, bodies of water, islands, subdivisions, and anything that the buyer requests.


Alaska subdivisions

A subdivision map showing the governorates of Alaska.

A subdivision map shows the subdivisions of a country. Each subdivision gains their own coding and outline, which allows a comparison.

Because of the complexity of these types of maps, all subdivision maps will be given in a clean and coded vector file. Because of the differences between other maps, the price is set at $5 per subdivision. An extra $10 and I will add the coast and external borders for location perposes [1].

World maps

BlankMap-New Union

The New Union world.

Similar to the subdivision map, a world map shows the world. Each nation gains their own code and borders, allowing for national comparison. Since I merely use the base coding of [2], this would only be acceptable for buyers requesting a map of an alternate timeline or of similar extent.

My price is set at $10 per country, and $1 per country that I need to redraw in order to fit the country changes.

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