As I'm getting into Minecraft over the past few months, I recently thought whether a Mars mod could be created. To my amazement I found that I was not alone in thinking this. Unfortunately, none of these mods are anything like what I was looking for. The more noticed trend I've seen is a black Martian sky (when in reality it's orange).

The following is just a bullet list of ideas I would've found acceptable for a Mars mod.

  • You'd have to wear a space suit or construct a base in order to reside there for long. Virtually all the mods have this feature.
  • Mars' day/night cycle would be similar to that of Earth's (i.e., the Overworld). With the day comprising of a reddish-orange sky with a smaller sun and a few clouds overhead. The night would have Mars' two moons (Phobos and Deimos) and stars in the sky (the Earth's would not be visible as if you were on the Moon).
  • The Martian terrain would comprise mostly of red sand, with other areas of rock and some ice. Noted features which could be formed would include hills, craters, [extinct] volcanoes, and some caves.

The following is more so just fun additions which I would like to see (not required like the ones above).

  • Much like rain on Earth (Overworld), Mars would have sandstorms which would dampen the visibility of the horizon and sky.
  • Well below the surface (such as in caves) you might be able to find water (which freezes on the surface).
  • With Minecraft isn't 100% accurate in regards to Earth, I'd suspect we'd have Martians to fight and domesticate (why not). With skeletons and zombies being archetypes, maybe we'd have something similar here (like little green men or something). As part of the same archetype, you could have generated structures like pyramids and "faces" scattered across the terrain (with Martian loot in it).

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