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Ayrxessa Carmara'seth (AIR-ICKS-ESSA Cah-mare-uh-SETH), or Aryk for short, is a female Yadderevo who was born and raised on planet Neptune.

Back story

"How does a plant survive in the cold? Easy, eat other plants." Ayrxessa was born and raised on Neptune, the 8th planet from our yellow Sun. Hard to believe that life could exist that far out, and without that much sunlight either. It was a rather peaceful nation until Aryk turned 18...that's when the war started. Her family escaped from the cold jungles unscathed, she did not. She had to fend for herself, using those massive venus-flytraps on her hands as hunting weapons, and oh, how effective they are. She would hide amongst the blue-hued foliage and use that sweet and enticing smell to lure her victims to their deaths. It didn't matter what the size of the prey or what part of the prey she was eating, to her it was "survival of the fittest". She grew up alone, a rebel, and a killer.

Aryk is 5'9", with light blue skin, blue-green hair, white eyes, and dark blue markings all over her body (a mix of spots and stripes). The tendrils on her flytraps are dark blue, matching her markings, and light purple on the inside (invariably sweet-smelling and pretty colored =D). She usually wears a mixture of home-made leather and fur armor, but not much. She'd become too used to the cold to really take it off.

She is very strong and very agile, considered by most a perfect predator (on her planet anyways). Aryk is also acrobatic and will contort to avoid something she believes she cannot handle.

She is very temperamental, but has a softer side should it be discovered. Aryk is usually independent and violent with others most of the time, however.

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